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Unsupported Browser

Browser Name : Unknown Browser Version : 0.0
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You apear to be running an older browser that does not support the features needed for full interaction with this website. The site makes use of CCS3 features not fully supported in the older browsers, continuing to use the site in one of these browsers will degrade the appearence of the site and mar the user experience.

A better browsing experience can be acheived with the swtorlogs website by using one of the recomended browsers Safari, Chrome. IE 10 is also recommended for those running the Client Preview of Windows 8 (IE as shipped with the developer preview will NOT function correctly).

IE9 will display the site correctly without any graphical glitches, however the WebSockets functionality is achived using the HTML5Labs WebSockets Experimental Prototype. This method functions correctly but can cause web page instability in long running web pages.

The following workied last time I checked but I do not develop to support them so things may well break while using them : (none currently)

I appologise for this inconvenience, but as the site is maintained and developed primarily as a hobby I do not have the resources to devote to full compatibilty testing and development across multiple browser platforms. The site was built and tested using Chrome/Safari(iOS5) and subsequently behaves and looks best when using these.