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Star Wars : The Old Repbublic - Operations Level Combat Data Analysis

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Guild Operation Groups

(1589)(No Guild)(1)???????(2)?Ool Guys Dnt Look At Explosions
(1)123654(2)42Nd Raging-Ewoks(1)A Fény Ligája
(2)A Murder Of Crows(1)A Wretched Hive(1)Abyss
(7)Accedo Nemini(1)Ace(6)Aeterna Vigilantia
(2)Alienz(18)Alliance(1)Alliance Of Doom
(23)Alpha Team(4)Amateur Hour(4)Anarchy
(1)Angels Of Death(40)Anger Management(3)Anomaly
(3)Apotheosis(5)Aquillian Rangers(4)Armada Imperial
(6)Armada Latina(2)Ars Ultionis(1)Asgsdalgsdg
(6)Atrum Dominatio(1)Audacious(2)Axiom
(1)Bacchus(1)Bad Co(25)Bad Company
(5)Bad Players(7)Badasses(96)Barely Lethal
(1)Beefin The Imperial Suasage(21)Behind The Musgo(1)Behing The Musgo
(1)Binaris(1)Birds Of Prey(1)Black Jack Und Hutten
(2)Blacklights(3)Blacklistet(1)Blood Bath And Beyond
(7)Blood Of The Empire(1)Blood Of The Sith(7)Bloodbunnies
(3)Bon Weir(5)Brethren Of Blood(3)Bright Shield
(3)Burial Detail(2)By Dark Force(2)C:
(2)Caelum(34)Cali Killed Nox(3)Carnage
(4)Cgdlae(1)Children Of Rogue Moon(9)Chosen
(1)Chosen Of The Empire(13)Circle Of Eternity(9)Colluvium
(23)Conclave(2)Consortium Of The Phoenix(5)Continental Drift
(2)Cool Guys(9)Cool Guys Dnt Look At Explosions(1)Coolguys Dont Look At Explosions
(12)Core(18)Corrupted Souls(1)Corrupted Souls1
(4)Corruptive Minds(8)Coruscant's Reserves(1)Council Of Epsilon
(1)Coven Of Kali(3)Crazy-Killers(8)Crimson
(7)Crimson Empire(3)Ctrlaltsupr(4)Cult Of Personality
(8)Curiosity(1)Cuy'val Dar(5)Cybernetic Punks
(2)Danger Zone(2)Danish Council(1)Dark Circle
(35)Dark Claw(1)Dark Covenant(1)Dark Justice
(3)Dark Laminak(1)Dark Lords Of The Sith(3)Dark Redemption
(9)Dark Resurgence(1)Dark Reverence(1)Dark Sun
(3)Dark Sunset(1)Dark Templars(28)Darkfyre Mercenaries
(2)Darkness Of Korriban(10)Darkside Of Knight(2)Daughters Of The Force
(2)Dawn Of Malice(21)Dawn Of The Blood Bunnies(3)Dawn Of The Dark
(4)Dead Men Walking(29)Death And Taxes(1)Death Dealers
(2)Death Watch(2)Deceased(1)Deep South
(3)Deep Space Nine(21)Defectio Solis(3)Defiance
(13)Dei Ex Machina(1)Delusions Of Grandeur(1)Desciples Of Babylon
(8)Despair(3)Devils Dice(10)Diabolic
(7)Did It All For The Wookie(2)Die Meister(1)Die Schwarze Bruderschaft
(1)Die Unsterblichen(34)Dilih(46)Disciples Of Babylon
(22)Disciples Of Bacchus(1)Disconnected(2)Disposable Heroes
(3)Diversus(1)Division 9(2)Do It Live
(2)Dob(1)Dogs Of War(1)Doomed Lemmings
(3)Dprk(9)Drop It Like It's Hoth(1)Dunkle Brut
(5)Dunkle Garde(2)Dunkle-Legion(1)Dutch Republic
(1)Ego(9)Element Of Fear(6)Elitist Isolationists
(1)Elysium(6)Empire Of Tweakers(2)Empires Elite
(3)En'ten(1)Entenal Elm(45)Entropic
(13)Eot(2)Equis Noctis(1)Erynes
(43)Es Una Trampa(2)Ess(1)Eternal
(1)Eternal Empire(15)Eternity Forgiven(9)Euphoria
(4)Eurysis(2)Ewoc Army(27)Ewok Pest Control
(1)Ewokalypse Now(3)Excalibur(1)Excelsior
(25)Exile(3)Exiled(1)Exiles Of Lowca
(1)Exterminaten(1)Fated Destiny(3)Ferocity
(2)Fever(1)Fho(20)Final Evolution
(1)Final Execute(1)Final-Evolution(1)Finest Gaming
(12)Floor Inspectors(9)Fondation(1)Fondation Erynes
(1)Force Fx(31)Force Unleashed(1)Forged By Fire
(2)Forgotten Hope(2)Forlorn Hope(1)Formidable
(13)Forsaken Gamers(12)Forsaken Knights Of Dae(13)Four Elements
(1)Fourelements(2)Fratelli Repubblica(1)Fratelli Republica
(6)Frefriendly Fire(4)Friendly Fire(35)Friendlyfire
(2)Friskyttarna(4)Frontier(73)Full Frontal Force
(1)Full Moon(1)Fullfrontalforce(2)Fullmoon
(7)Fyn(2)G F Y(8)Galactic Runners
(1)Galactics(7)Genesis(2)Ghost Division
(1)Gladius Dei(1)Gmyb(14)Godmode
(2)Guardian Angel(1)Guardians Of The Light(2)Guild Omen
(3)Guillotine Pressure Doors(3)Has A Raging Clue(1)Haunt
(44)Havok(1)Hawaiian Nabs(2)Hawoc Squadrom
(4)Heresy(8)Herpderp(27)Hispania Republic
(1)Hi-Tech(3)Hkh(7)Hk's Dreadnaughts
(8)Holocron(1)Honour(12)Hunter's Luck
(2)I Like Big Hutts(4)Id(2)Immortal Guard
(2)Immortalsz(1)Imperial Assasins(5)Imperial Assassins
(5)Imperial Black Ops(1)Imperial Legends(2)Imperial Shadows
(1)Imperium Galactus(15)Imperium Latinum(1)Imperium Sithicus
(29)Impetus Norvegicus(1)Impetus Norwegicus(8)Incinerate
(2)Inevitable Destruction(15)Infernal Empire(25)Infinity Gate
(9)Inhuman(1)Innuendo(2)Insanity Brotherhood
(15)Invictus Sceptrum(2)Irw(49)It´S Just A Game
(49)It's Just A Game(1)Ix Kohorta(5)Jeddit
(1)Jedi Des Lichts(7)Jenqokaar(3)Jünger Korribans
(5)Just A Game(45)Kaamos(11)Kaizen
(1)Kbab Lords(1)Kdz(9)Keepers Of The Faith
(2)Keepers Of The Light Ru(62)Kessel Liberation Front(1)Knight Of The Fallen Empire
(3)Knights Of Ren(1)Knights Of The Republic(1)Knoc
(13)Kobayashi Maru(1)Kojo(2)Krähen Der Dunkelheit
(2)La Confrérie De Malgus(6)La Orden De Paco(7)Last Bastion
(1)Last Call(1)Leathel Synergy(26)Legends
(4)Legiao Imperial(4)Legion(1)Les Gardiens D'anachore
(3)Les No Life(7)Letalis(68)Lethal Synergy
(9)Lethality(26)Leviathan(1)Lex Imperialis
(6)Light Knights(3)Lightbringer(29)Lightside Warriors
(1)Living Drama Free(34)Loom(10)Lords Of The Dead
(9)Lowland Elites(6)Lowlandelites(23)Loyalty Or Death
(2)Ludacris Speed(1)Lunawolves(22)Lunchbox
(6)Mactepa(1)Mailce(1)Maison O'sheeva
(2)Memoire(6)Mighty Night(115)Mistral
(2)Moonrunners(4)Mordavian Guard(2)Moretsu Space Pirates
(7)Mortem Rapidum(9)Move Along(1)Mtsbwy
(1)Mvp(2)Mw Coulcil(4)Myst
(3)Nachtschicht(5)Naps Inc(13)Narcosis
(9)Natural Affinity(19)Nehahra(13)Nemesis
(3)Nerfed(7)Nestinar(5)Net Nochi Bez Zvezd
(1)Nippon Ni Mauvais(17)Nites Of Darkness(1)No Life Crew
(1)No Live Crew(7)Nocte Dii(17)Nothing-Personal
(67)Notorious Synergy(8)Nueva Hispania(2)O S W
(2)Obsidian Wings(1)Of Monsters And Sith(1)Old Bones Cartel
(1)Old Imperials(1)Old Republic Dads(2)Omega Knights
(1)Order Of Darkness(2)Order Of The Shadow(7)Order Of The Sith'ari
(1)Order Of The Unifying Force(1)Order Of Twin Consorts(8)Origin Of Sin
(2)Osw(2)Out Of Order(6)Outer Darkness
(3)Outlaws(5)P V P(11)Pantheon
(2)Paradigm(5)Pax Fatalis(3)Peragus Legionnaires
(7)Perfect Insanity(4)Pfad Der Stürme(2)Phoenix Corporation
(5)Phönix Brigade(1)Placeholder(12)Polish Galactic Legion
(1)Popoclub(1)Porkins Plunge(11)Potato
(62)Primera Sangre(4)Probably Drunk(2)Probâbly Drunk
(1)Protectors Of The Enclave(6)Public Enemy(1)Punk
(3)Pvp(1)Rage Elite Squadron(8)Raging Fury
(1)Rampage(15)Rancor Bait(1)Raserei
(5)Rave(1)Ravins Wing(9)Rebellion
(6)Reckless Immortals(40)Reckoning(3)Redrum
(1)Refugees Of Gav Daragon(1)Regret(1)Remnant
(5)Repkostenfarmer(2)Repping Ain't Easy(3)Republic Of Turkey
(4)Republic Scum(1)Republic Slayers(1)Republican Knights
(13)Requiem(1)Restart(1)Restoration Zone Veterans
(4)Revan's Legacy(3)Revelation X(22)Reverence
(2)Rhage(3)Rising Storm Legion(4)Rnc Refugees
(6)Rogue Demons(14)Routa(44)Rude
(1)Russian Dark Consul(5)Ruthless(6)Rycerze Republiki
(7)Rzv(4)Saber Twix(2)Sacred Rage
(1)Salted Soil(1)Sanctus(5)Sanguis Draconis
(1)Saw(2)Scarlet Enclave(3)Schatten Von Bothawui
(1)Second Mass(1)Second-Mass(1)Semita Khaos
(1)Semper Danica(1)Sendrock(9)Sentinals Of Darkness
(2)Serious Meatloaf(4)Severity Gaming(4)Sexiness Confirmed
(2)Shades Of Grey(15)Shadow Council(5)Shadow Dragons
(4)Shadow Empire(1)Shadow Mestic(2)Shadowfax Alliance
(1)Shadows Of The Empire(1)Shadows Of The Jedi(1)Shattered Redemption
(8)Shot First(6)Sick(4)Siegehammer
(34)Sin Perdon(1)Sinister(4)Sinster
(3)Sith Brotherhood(7)Sith Did Hit The Fan(7)Sith Hunters
(8)Sith Just Hit The Fan(15)Sith Lords(1)Sith Reapers
(1)Sith Sense(2)Sith Sex And Sun(1)Sith Squadron
(3)Sith Supremacy(2)Sith Team Vi(3)Sith'ari
(1)Sithari Reborn(5)Sith'ari Reborn(2)Sithhikers Guide To The Galaxy
(4)Sleep(2)Sleeping Knights(22)Smile And Wave
(1)Social Outcast(7)Socom(9)Solstice
(10)Sovereignty(3)Space Bunnys(2)Space Pikeys
(23)Space Wolves(2)Spaceballs(1)Sparkle
(3)Squirtle Squad(2)Star Wolves(1)Starfall
(3)Starfighters(9)Sterling Order(3)Still Alive
(1)Still No Name(15)Stoned(1)Strange Allies
(6)Strife(3)Swedish Republicans(1)Symphonia
(10)Synergy(2)Syntax(42)Tactical Vengeance
(3)Taskforce(2)Tatooine Uranus(1)Tattered Legion
(26)Team Rot(1)Team Vegas(8)Ted
(2)Tempest(1)Templarii Lvsitaniae(1)Templarios De La Luz
(7)The Black Legends(7)The Dark Army(2)The Dark Lords
(2)The Dark Souls(3)The Darkside Of Knight(4)The Diathim
(1)The Dit(1)The Drunk Tanks(2)The Empires Gambit
(20)The Emporium(1)The Estabilishment(22)The Establishment
(4)The Fallen Ones(1)The Farce(4)The Fourhorseman
(21)The Guardian(6)The Guild(5)The Inquisition
(1)The Jedi Enclave(10)The Kessel Liberation Front(8)The Last Of The Time Lords
(1)The Last Resistance(13)The Lords Of Exalted Legeds(4)The Lords Of Exalted Legends
(3)The Lords Of The Exalted Legends(1)The Lost Order(4)The Lumberjacks
(1)The New Republic(21)The Order(1)The Order Of 66
(23)The Peerless(1)The Reapers(2)The Rising
(1)The Schwartz(4)The Second Empire(4)The Seventh Tactical Regiment
(1)The Sindicate(10)The Sith'ari(4)The Tender Vigilanties
(5)The Unsung Heroes(4)The Viridian Crusade(10)The'core
(23)The-Force(6)Thirteen Thirty Seven(5)Ti Punch Family
(6)Ticket Spammers(10)Ti-Punch Family(2)Tnr
(2)Too Short For Trooping(22)Torva Nex(1)Torva-Nex
(1)Tpf(1)Trayus Core(2)Twierdza
(6)Twl(3)Ugnaught Fight Club(4)Umbran Conclave
(2)Unguilded Run(15)Unhinged(2)Union Stellaire
(38)United Kingdoms(4)Unleashed(24)Unnecessary Girth
(14)Uno De Los Nuestros(9)Usque Ad Finem(4)Usque At Finem
(1)Utopía(6)Vae Victus(10)Valorous
(30)Vendetta(1)Vendi Miatriks(4)Vengeance
(56)Vengeance Of The Empire(1)Verdikt(9)Veritas
(1)Veteransoldier(2)Vexation(16)Violent By Design
(1)Vodka And Balalayka(6)Volition(1)Vortex
(2)Vox(1)Wächter Des Friedens(3)Wächter Von Corusant
(1)Wänted(6)War Machine(3)Warriors Of The Republic
(1)Wasted Years(1)We Are Not Your Fathers(2)Winder Blits
(2)Wolf-Squad(11)Wookiee Snacks(1)Wookies And Milk
(5)Worst Strikes Back(3)Wraith Squadron(12)Wrath And Tyranny
(61)Wretched Hive(1)Wretched-Hive(6)Wtf
(2)Wwrath And Tyranny (1)Xcorps(1)Xeddy
(4)Zakon Weza(1)Zero
00:00:00.1480000, 00:00:00.0610000

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Recent Encounters

Fight Participants : 1
Fight Started : 2017-05-28 06:04:49 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-05-28 06:12:24 (GMT)
05/28 06:04
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
Fight Participants : 1
Fight Started : 2017-05-28 05:15:01 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-05-28 05:22:03 (GMT)
05/28 05:15
Foreman Crusher
Fight Participants : 1
Fight Started : 2017-05-28 04:55:35 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-05-28 05:03:35 (GMT)
05/28 04:55
Jarg & Sorno
Fight Participants : 1
Fight Started : 2017-05-28 04:07:55 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-05-28 04:14:28 (GMT)
05/28 04:07
Fight Participants : 1
Fight Started : 2017-03-21 00:18:51 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-03-21 00:27:36 (GMT)
03/21 00:18
Warlord Kephess

Top 5 DPS

Fight Started : 2017-03-22 22:42:28 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-03-22 22:46:05 (GMT)
Damage : 2522780 (11585.4588 dps)
Healing : 164114 (753.6670 hps)
Ended By : ExitCombat
03/22 22:42
Zmijá 11585.4588
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
Fight Started : 2016-10-17 16:12:00 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2016-10-17 16:15:43 (GMT)
Damage : 1838993 (8239.1421 dps)
Healing : 189922 (850.8974 hps)
Ended By : Death
10/17 16:12
Cuti 8239.1421
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
Fight Started : 2016-01-02 04:14:57 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2016-01-02 04:20:44 (GMT)
Damage : 2558840 (7372.0542 dps)
Healing : 0 (0.0000 hps)
Ended By : ExitCombat
01/02 04:14
Truisticearr 7372.0542
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
Fight Started : 2016-03-29 21:42:02 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2016-03-29 21:45:50 (GMT)
Damage : 1654133 (7269.8917 dps)
Healing : 370712 (1629.2741 hps)
Ended By : ExitCombat
03/29 21:42
Blood-drive 7269.8917
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
Fight Started : 2012-08-17 06:21:33 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2012-08-17 06:25:15 (GMT)
Damage : 1546385 (6971.1935 dps)
Healing : 25792 (116.2718 hps)
Ended By : Death
08/17 06:21
Doobieous 6971.1935
Warstrider Battlewalker

Boss Top 5 DPS

Fight Started : 2017-03-22 22:42:28 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-03-22 22:46:05 (GMT)
Damage : 2522780 (11585.4588 dps)
Healing : 164114 (753.6670 hps)
Ended By : ExitCombat
03/22 22:42
Zmijá 11585.4588
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator
Fight Started : 2012-08-17 06:21:33 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2012-08-17 06:25:15 (GMT)
Damage : 1546385 (6971.1935 dps)
Healing : 25792 (116.2718 hps)
Ended By : Death
08/17 06:21
Doobieous 6971.1935
Warstrider Battlewalker
Fight Started : 2017-01-17 19:08:10 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-01-17 19:14:17 (GMT)
Damage : 2460823 (6711.0914 dps)
Healing : 50741 (138.3795 hps)
Ended By : ExitCombat
01/17 19:08
Kountdrako 6711.0914
Annihilation Droid XRR-3
Fight Started : 2017-01-19 19:50:43 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2017-01-19 19:53:48 (GMT)
Damage : 1146604 (6191.7681 dps)
Healing : 48162 (260.0793 hps)
Ended By : Death
01/19 19:50
Kountdrako 6191.7681
Fight Started : 2012-08-18 05:37:38 (GMT)
Fight Ended : 2012-08-18 05:43:23 (GMT)
Damage : 2081131 (6031.7742 dps)
Healing : 50399 (146.0722 hps)
Ended By : ExitCombat
08/18 05:37
Edub 6031.7742
Warlord Kephess