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SWToR Combat Log Parser - Site Help

Combat Log Parser and Combat Meters Overview

[SWToR]Logs Combat Log Parser Help Index

The [SWToR]Log Combat Log Parser and in-game personal and group damage meters provides a clear and helpfull way to display a players performance while playing Star Wars : The Old Repbulic (swtor). When the in-game meters are used in conjunction with the [SWToR]Logs web site provides a powerful toolset to analyse and visualise combat log data. The toolset comprises 2 components

  • The Combat Log Uploader and In-Game Overlay Meters.
  • This web site for live and historic analysis of uploaded, parsed and stored combat data.

The following links priovde help on setting up the software and the game to collect the combat log data and on how to use the software and the web site to get the most from analysing and visualising your combat log data